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Different Dogs, Different Necessities

Posted by Dany on 9/2/2015
Different Dogs, Different Necessities

Written by Pure Paws Guest Blogger Professional: 

Isabel Nobre

I.N. Grooming SPA

Quinta do Conde, Portugal

Isabel has been grooming since 1997 her mothers Kennel Grooming Salon.  She has recently opened her own salon – I.N. Grooming SPA.  She is a lecturer at Faculdade de Medicina Veterinária, and a freelance writer.


Different Dogs, Different Necessities  

When looking a dog product, most people ask this simple question “What is the right shampoo?”


What if I tell you that the choice is endless, and each dog is unique?


There is no such for thing as the right product for a certain breed, only for a certain dog. That even within the same breed, the right product can vary according to the needs of that specific dog.  No two dogs have the exact same coat, skin necessities, or texture.


Therefore to achieve a certain goal, we may need a different recipe. Even in the same breed.


When you are looking for a product you may have to look for more than the breed or color, you have to know exactly what you are looking to achieve.


If you are very lucky your dog has an excellent coat, good for you, your job is half done. The only thing you need to worry is to have a good product to maintain it.


But, most of you know that this is not what usually happens. Some have drop coats when your goal is anything but that. Others should be drop, but the coat texture is so thin that even a small change in the hair humidity can ruin that look. So, in order to meet your needs to correct the coat, you may need to change the product recipe by mixing products and go outside of what is recommended for that specific breed.


As and owner of multiple dogs from the exact same breed and color, my recipe is never the same. The trick is knowing the products and understanding what the coat needs.  See what works for you.


You cannot imagine the endless possibilities, and I dare you to surprise yourself by unleashing your creativity. And Pure Paws has it all.



Notes from Pure Paws: 


Thank you Isabel for sharing your experience and knowledge about the need to select products based on coat type, not just breed type.


We recommend the following links to learn more about product selection and application.


Pure Paws Breed Guides.  

These will help you get started in selecting products for your breed.  Just remember, if you have a coat that is not the breed standard and needs correction, you may want to select other products or create your own cocktail of products.

For Breed Guides:  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.650015811713219.1073741841.130194260362046&type=3  (New breed guides are constantly being added.  If you need assistance in product selection, write to info@purepaws.net


What are Pure Paws Cocktails?

Pure Paws Cocktails are the mixing of products to achieve the coat that you need.   Sometimes using a specific product does not fully address your coat issues.   Sometimes it will be a recipe of products or a method for application.


Here are a few links to example of some previous cocktails: 

Targeted Color and Texture Correction: http://on.fb.me/1fVQDx6

Silk Cream Application Method:  http://on.fb.me/1EzYT1h


Check out Isabel’s amazing Pinterest Board on grooming styles:  https://www.pinterest.com/isabelalexnobre/grooming/

Here is Isabel's Salon's Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/indoggrooming



If you would like to be a Guest Blogger to share your ideas and knowledge.  Write to us at info@purepaws.net to let us know your idea.

Pure Paws, Inc.






Date 9/2/2015
kathy anders
You are so right! I have found what works for my Lowchen today but may need to change it up if the conditions change up. That's what is so great about Pure Paws. Once you know the lines, the combinations are endless. You can achieve exactly what you want!

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