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What Are Surfactants?

Posted by Arlene Muzquiz on 10/27/2016

What are Surfactants?


A surfactant is a substance that reduces surface tension of a liquid in which it is dissolved. Here is a great illustrated video to explain how surface tension works in water: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jftkF5e6jY So how do surfactants work when introduced to water (H20)? Surfactants work by holding oils and dirt in the suspension of the bubbles using hydrophobic tails that attract the oil and hydrophilic parts that are attracted to water. When the bubbles are rinsed out, the dirt and oil rinse as well because they are attached to the surfactants. This is the basic principle behind shampoos.

Coconut & H2O

Posted by Jordan Muzquiz on 10/18/2016
    If you've gone shopping for any personal care products within the past 5 years, you've undoubtedly seen a surge in products containing coconut oil. Being a skeptic, I wanted to see if this coconutty goodness was scientifically proven or just marketing gone nutty. This short article is by no means exhaustive but in it, I hope to provide some useful information, and resources when looking for legitimate skin and hair claims for this tropical fruit. For more detailed information of the facts, I invite you to follow the links listed in the sources below the article.
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