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#Dogs are not Dishes!

Posted by Dany on 7/29/2015
#Dogs are not Dishes!
#Dogs are not Dishes!
    I know you have seen the commercials with the cute duck soaked in oil being bathed in dawn. This is a rescue mission and the organizations that help rescue wild life along with dawn should be commended for their efforts. And that is just what these are, RESCUE missions! In light of the advocacy campaigns that Dawn runs to promote saving wildlife some how there has been a misunderstanding that Dawn can and should be used on dogs and cats with oily skin and to kill fleas. Lets shed some light on this topic: Facts: 1. Any shampoo kills fleas because they drown 2. Any high quality shampoo designed as a base shampoo will remove the sebum from dogs/cats skin 3. Dogs have a thinner epidermis than humans Q: Why should I not use dish soap on my dog? 1. The pH of dog is around a 7 while most dish soap are at a value of 9: Disruption of the skin mantel can lead to more serious problems like hot spots, staff, and “funk” 2. Ingredients used in many dish soaps: a. Lauramine Oxide dissolves the lipids in the in the skin. So it eats’ the fatty acids in the skin. b. Methylisothiazolinone this is a preservative associated with allergic reactions, dermatitis and increased risk of seizures. It has also been linked to test in lab studies on mammals that show signs of neurotoxicity. c. Phenoxyethanol, which cause brain damage, and damage to bladder and acute pulmonary edema in animals. 3. Dawn tells you not to use it for dogs
Why would you bathe your loved one in a product that eats’ the fat out the skin, causes nerve damage, dermatitis, and seizures. Lets not forget to mention they can also possibly cause brain damage, and acute pulmonary edema for you dog. When you bathe your dog it is hard to avoid getting it near the eyes, ears or mouth. So make sure you use a product that is designed for bathing your dog! You make the choice now and ask your groomer what they bathe your dog with - Dish soaps are made for dishes #petrevolution #purepaws #ilovemydog

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